We’re featured on Columbia University’s alumni page!

  Check out the recent article Shanna wrote, featured on both the Columbia University alumni website and on their alumni blog: ColumbiaYou The word is still getting out there! Stay tuned for some updates.    


Terror doesn’t rest

Yesterday, our school principal showed me a photo: a trail of blood, an unidentifiable heap of body parts, and a street full of debris. The next photo showed a dead man's face covered in blood. The photos were much more gruesome than anything that's usually published. These weren't newspaper photos; they were from his friends … Continue reading Terror doesn’t rest

Farsi for “sit down, please” is “lotfan, bishin”

In just 5 days, the Armando Aid team has seen vast improvements in our little fledgling school. This is the first week of classes with a full set of 5 teachers. Before this week, Maria and Ruth had been teaching 46 children and organizing everything just between the two of them, bless their souls. For two weeks, … Continue reading Farsi for “sit down, please” is “lotfan, bishin”

New Project: EU Refugee and Migration Crisis

We are excited to announce the new Pocket Philosophies project! This summer, Cristian and I (Shanna) are traveling from Spain to Greece by car (and maybe ferry) to work in a refugee camp north of Athens. Along the way, we will be talking to people, taking pictures and reflecting on the journey through different countries, … Continue reading New Project: EU Refugee and Migration Crisis