We’re featured on Columbia University’s alumni page!

  Check out the recent article Shanna wrote, featured on both the Columbia University alumni website and on their alumni blog: ColumbiaYou The word is still getting out there! Stay tuned for some updates.    


Did you know?

Since the United Nations met last week to talk about the refugee and migration situation, I thought I'd share some updates with you. In the policy and politic world... The UN passed the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants Response last week. They promised to make more promises and make a big decision in 2018. While … Continue reading Did you know?

Farsi for “sit down, please” is “lotfan, bishin”

In just 5 days, the Armando Aid team has seen vast improvements in our little fledgling school. This is the first week of classes with a full set of 5 teachers. Before this week, Maria and Ruth had been teaching 46 children and organizing everything just between the two of them, bless their souls. For two weeks, … Continue reading Farsi for “sit down, please” is “lotfan, bishin”

New Project: EU Refugee and Migration Crisis

We are excited to announce the new Pocket Philosophies project! This summer, Cristian and I (Shanna) are traveling from Spain to Greece by car (and maybe ferry) to work in a refugee camp north of Athens. Along the way, we will be talking to people, taking pictures and reflecting on the journey through different countries, … Continue reading New Project: EU Refugee and Migration Crisis