Our visit to Istanbul ended just before the horrific terrorist attack on the Istanbul Ataturk Airport. To read our reactions to the attack, please read here.  We feel it is more necessary than ever to share the stories of the beautiful city. It remains a place filled with many kind people and incredible sights.  the statistics … Continue reading Istanbul


Istanbul airport attack

On June 28, three days after we left, the Istanbul Ataturk Airport was attacked by terrorists. Three suicide bombers killed 47 tourists, Turks, airport workers and taxi drivers and injured 200 more. The attackers specifically targeted foreigners like us in a place we had just been, blowing themselves up at the arrivals door, the departures … Continue reading Istanbul airport attack

New Project: EU Refugee and Migration Crisis

We are excited to announce the new Pocket Philosophies project! This summer, Cristian and I (Shanna) are traveling from Spain to Greece by car (and maybe ferry) to work in a refugee camp north of Athens. Along the way, we will be talking to people, taking pictures and reflecting on the journey through different countries, … Continue reading New Project: EU Refugee and Migration Crisis