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Pocket Philosophies wants to tell the stories behind statistics. We are committed to highlighting the humanity often hidden by sensational news headlines and scare-tactic politics. We believe in the power of dialogue to change perspectives and understandings, and that starts with simple conversations.

In summer 2016, we traveled to Europe to delve deeper into the statistics of the EU refugee and migrant crisis. While  traveling across Europe by car, we highlighted the issues and groups overlooked by the media and started conversations about the humanitarian, political and social impacts of our generation’s largest migration crisis. Once we arrived at the camp, we posted pictures, audio and video about the interactions and perspectives  in the camp and in the surrounding area of Greece.

Now back in the United States, we continue to focus on the refugee and migrant crisis by staying in touch with our friends in Oinofyta camp, studying the crisis from a policy perspective, and telling people the truth behind the stats every chance we get.









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