We adamantly oppose the recent inhumane actions taken by President Trump concerning refugees and asylum-seekers. Read the full text of the Executive Order here, and ask us for more information about our work with refugees, our education regarding migration policies and our personal stories of these experiences. The fact that President Trump signed the discriminatory executive order on the very same day as International Holocaust Remembrance Day segues into this post. 

On our way to Greece to work at Oinofyta Camp with refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Syria last summer, we chose to take a detour up to Munich, to the Dachau concentration camp. In light of the ongoing genocide in Syria and the state of race, religion, xenophobia and inhumanity in politics, we wanted to visit a place of memory, a visceral testament to great suffering and cruelty and a reverent reminder of the depths of the human race’s darkest impulses, that we may never repeat such atrocities again.

And yet we have, and we are.

On our way to Greece, we needed to pay tribute to the past even as we travelled to fight against the same forces of darkness. We needed to go back in time and walk along the wooden floorboards of the prisoners’ barracks, through the gas chambers, past the ovens that spewed human ash, through the metal gate that proclaimed, “Work is Freedom.”

We needed to go back to remember, so that we don’t forget. So that we don’t let our world–our leaders, our politicians, our CEOs, our cultural idols, our religious guides, our populations that are too busy to care–forget. Never forget.

Here are photos of Dachau concentration camp, the first concentration in Germany and one of the largest, holding 65,000 prisoners at liberation in April 1945. The record states that 25,000 died there, but the true numbers are thought to be much higher.


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