Since the United Nations met last week to talk about the refugee and migration situation, I thought I’d share some updates with you.

In the policy and politic world…

  1. The UN passed the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants Response last week. They promised to make more promises and make a big decision in 2018. While it’s great to see world leaders talking about this, it’s not enough according to many leaders, including my professor, the former second-in-command at the UN Refugee Agency.
  2. The topic is also on the table often in my graduate school program at Columbia University. I’ll share interesting tidbits with you from time to time.
  3. President Obama and other leaders at the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees pledged to resettle 360,000 refugees and promised more money. However, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power says that 1.2 million refugees need to be resettled, so this is barely a piece of the job done.
  4. A good development is that they’re now involving private sector actors in the donor process, getting a $650 million pledge from business leaders.


In the field…

  1. A fire in Moria camp, a camp that many of our friends at Oinofyta passed through on their way north, burned 50 tents and prefab shelters to the ground, sending 4,400 migrants running.
  2. The President of France is planning to close down “The Jungle” in Calais, a slum refugee camp with 9,000 people in it. They’re going to be moved to reception centers around the  country.
  3. Kenya wants to close down Dadaab camp, the world’s biggest refugee camp  and home to half a million refugees, by November. The UN Refugee Agency isn’t happy about that, because sending refugees back to unstable Somalia is dangerous.


What can we do?

  1. Continue to talk about this topic! Just because there are other things going on in the
    Oinofyta Camp has a new library! Photo from Armando Aid Facebook

    world doesn’t mean that the refugees all disappeared. They’re still there, living in tents, wondering when they’ll be allowed to live their lives once again. Check out Armando Aid‘s posts for inspiration on what to talk about! They’re looking for teachers to volunteer in October!

  2. Share information about the refugee and migration situation (like this interactive world map) with your friends, coworkers, students, parents, nieces and nephews, etc.
  3. Check out this list from TED talks for more ideas: 8 Practical Ways to Help Refugees
  4. Comment below with more ideas!






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