Yesterday, our school principal showed me a photo: a trail of blood, an unidentifiable heap of body parts, and a street full of debris. The next photo showed a dead man’s face covered in blood.

The photos were much more gruesome than anything that’s usually published. These weren’t newspaper photos; they were from his friends in Afghanistan.

“Were any of your friends or family there?” I asked him.

His sad, resigned eyes answered yes. “A young friend, a 26-year-old man. He was only 5 months married,” he said.

Despite the fact that my NYTimes and BBC apps only briefly focused on the attack last Saturday that killed more than 80 people and wounded 230 others,  this attack is terrifyingly important.

It’s the first time ISIS has attacked Afghanistan, and it’s the biggest attack on Kabul in 14 years. And they specifically hit an ethnic and religious minority, the Hazara people who are Shiite Muslims (many of whom have fled here to Greece.)

Why are Afghans still being classified as “economic migrants” when their lives are in danger in their country? Do these people not deserve to be granted safety and refuge? When will UNHCR realize this?





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