We are so busy already that we’ve barely had time to rest, much less write and/or eat feta cheese! But we love our dear supporters and followers, so we want to tell you a little bit about our impressions so far.

Seeing how far behind these kids are already falling in school is very discouraging. Some have been out of school for months, even years. Some of our students are 6

garden at school
School garden in the works (with limited resources, including water)

years old and will already be behind in 1st grade; others need to start high school with their age group. We can’t wait until they’re resettled or integrated to start their schooling back up again. Education is a human right.


As frustrating as it can be to work with limited resources in extreme conditions, at the end of the day we’re all struggling for the same vital cause: to provide these refugee children opportunities to learn

camp painting
Painting time. That’s the Afghan flag on the left. 

and grow despite their circumstances.

The more we learn about some of these kids’ back stories, the worse the whole situation becomes. No kid should ever have to go through what some of these, even the smallest ones, have experienced. There are horrifying stories of children witnessing their parents’ deaths, receiving Taliban threats, or being sent away from their families to cross the Mediterranean alone.

We see these things manifested in their classroom behavior sometimes. They are always in survival mode, grabbing all the crayons or toys they can get, and fighting often. One burst into tears when Cristian taught a little lesson on geography, pointing Afghanistan and Greece on the map.


Thank you for reading. We can’t wait to continue sharing what we’re learning here in the refugee camp in Greece.


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