We’re featured on Columbia University’s alumni page!

  Check out the recent article Shanna wrote, featured on both the Columbia University alumni website and on their alumni blog: ColumbiaYou The word is still getting out there! Stay tuned for some updates.    


Podcast: the refugee route then and now

Hello everyone, Check out this podcast that Shanna produced for the Columbia Alumni Association. It's based on a lecture that an esteemed scholar, Professor Robert Young, did last year at the Columbia Global Center in Amman, Jordan. He talks a lot about the refugee routes that we became familiar with through our work in Greece. … Continue reading Podcast: the refugee route then and now

The Holocaust and Refugees

We adamantly oppose the recent inhumane actions taken by President Trump concerning refugees and asylum-seekers. Read the full text of the Executive Order here, and ask us for more information about our work with refugees, our education regarding migration policies and our personal stories of these experiences. The fact that President Trump signed the discriminatory executive … Continue reading The Holocaust and Refugees

5 ideas para entender a los refugiados

Me he ido encontrando con estas ideas a lo largo de los años. Trabajando con inmigrantes en España o incluso siendo un inmigrante en otros países, pero lo cierto es que en el campamento de refugiados al norte de Atenas algunos de estos conceptos te golpean en la cara tan pronto como interactúas con cualquier persona de esta … Continue reading 5 ideas para entender a los refugiados